About us

„Fashion is imitating those, who want to be different from people who are the same as them.”

Idol Men= Style- Culture- Luxury

Idol Men website presents the most attractive and chic, yet masculine models for their readers, in a relaxed but still elegant setting.

The excellence of the market’s freshest and most ambitious men’s magazine comes from the internationally recognised stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and of course models of Hungary.

The colourful style of Idol Men is defined by style and culture, and its execution by professionalism and quality.

Apart from pleasing our readers, Idol Men magazine aims to groom internationally recognised, first-class models for the fashion industry, who prove that not only the girls can get world-famous from Hungary.

The idea behind our webshop is to provide elements of the highest quality from fashion, style, and erotica to our readers both at home and abroad.

In Idol Men, everyone finds the topics and themes closest to their taste. As they are always accompanied by tasteful and unique photo sets, they inspire your fantasy to soar freely.

Our webpage is explicitly designed to provide a space and forum to all those looking for professional cooperation and have the absolute humble professionalism required in the industry and dare not only to dream big, but also put in the work.

Idol Men provides opportunity and space for young talents interested in photography, makeup, being a stylist or a model, to try and improve their abilities. This enables them to experience and highlight all the hard work done within the industry, but also to learn from experienced masters.